Rev. Steve Elmes
(Lead Minister)



On behalf of Bookham Baptist Church, I am delighted to be able to tell you
a bit more about us: what our values are, and what we do.  

Bookham Baptist Church has been meeting together for worship since 1929, and in that time we have seen God increase our numbers and our passion to serve him in our community.
Bookham Baptist Church is a cell church, and most of our members are part of 
small groups, called cells, that meet weekly, usually in someones home. Most of them take place in the evening, but there are also some daytime ones.
In our cells we aim to be the means by which each of us strengthens and deepens our relationship with Christ. Cell structure helps the development of relationship between cell members so that they are able to meet each others practical, emotional, and spiritual needs. They also allow us
to reach out into the community
with the love of Jesus.



         Rev  Gill Hawkins (serving in Brazil)  Rev Rob Stevens (Youth Minister) 

Roger Trout                       Jane Hughes               Peter Boulding


Sarah Delahunty              Martin Scheller

 Peter Yates    

Trustees report 2011/ 2012

Bookham Baptist Church is led by a team, who are overseen by 
Steve Elmes our Lead Minister. This varies in number, but is composed of
full-time trained leaders, and leaders who are employed in secular work.
The leadership team is made up of men and women.

The leadership team seek to discern God's will for the church, and use
their gifting in implementing the plans into which God is leading them.
The discernment of God's will is done in conjunction with the rest of
the fellowship, and in particular the intercessory team.

The leadership of specific areas of church life is worked through those
who are gifted in those areas of church life, such as Children's work,
youth work, cell group leading, etc. All these leaders are accountable
to the overall leadership of the church.




Lower Road 



KT23 4DH 

Tel: 01372 811 313