What is a Christian?

People often think that a Christian is someone who does good works,
or is someone who thinks themselves self-righteous. Many people have the understanding that Christians believe that lots of good works, and pious living
will get them to heaven. As Christians, we know this to be untrue

We hope that the following brief introduction will help you to know what
its really all about! And maybe, you also will want to come
to know God for yourself.....

GOD LOVES US ALL, and he wants all of us to know him, and to know his love.   He created us, that we might know Him, and live our lives to Him. 
However, in order for us to come to know God, we need to be in
a right relationship with him.  So what's the problem?

Well, God knows us, and he knows that at times we do things
that are wrong, and have thoughts that are wrong. These bad things
put a barrier in our relationship with God. We may think that our actions,
words, and thoughts are not that bad, or that we are not as bad as other
people, but the problem we face is that God is perfect, and to know him
demands that we are perfect also. In addition to the separation which
our wrongdoings create in our relationship with God, our wrongdoings deserve punishment. So, how can the barrier of our wrongdoings be taken away?

God knows that we can never put ourselves right with him
through our own efforts. No number of 'Good works' can earn forgiveness.   
So, are we without any hope ? ...... No !

Because we cannot be reconciled to God by our own efforts, God knew
that he himself would have to provide the means of reconciliation;
a way for the punishment that we deserve to be served, to open the way
for our forgiveness.   What was needed was a perfect person to take the punishment for us who are imperfect.   So God sent his perfect son Jesus Christ,
to come to earth, and to die, nailed to a cross, outside Jerusalem some
2000 years ago. When Jesus died, he took the punishment that is ours,
so that we might receive the perfect righteousness that is his.   
Then, two days after Jesus had died on the cross, God raised Jesus
to life again. Because of this, we believe that God will raise to life again
those who believe in Jesus.

To become a Christian means to be reconciled to God; for the right relationship with him to be restored.   Its not sufficient that Jesus died on the cross and rose again.   We need to receive what he has done for us, and turn from our rebellion against God, to obedience towards Him.   This means saying sorry to God for the wrong things we have done, and to receive the forgiveness that God gives us through Jesus' death on the cross.   It also means turning away from living our lives our own way to living our lives God's way.   But it doesn't stop there !

In the same way that a wedding day is just the start of a marriage, so our relationship with God has only just started when we become a Christian.  
It's the start of a relationship with God that will go on for eternity.  
And in the same way that a man and woman seek to please one another in
their marriage, we need to decide to live our lives to please God.  
So we need to discover more about our relationship with God,
and understand what pleases him.

What makes God happy is that we obey his commands.  
God's commands are revealed to us in the Bible. So we need to read the Bible regularly to find out how God wants us to behave. Obeying God will mean
living our lives open to Him, seeking Him in prayer, worshipping Him and
saying sorry when we get things wrong. However, we don't do all this alone
in our own strength. God sends His Holy Spirit to help us.

In addition to these things, God doesn't only want us to be reconciled to himself. He wants us to be reconciled to one another. If we want to get to know God better, then we need to get along with each other, forgiving each other,
and seeking to have fellowship, and to love one another.

Finally, even though we know that we will eventually die here on earth,
we needn't despair.   God gives those who believe in Jesus this hope that
even as he raised Jesus from the dead, so he will also raise them
from the dead when Jesus comes again to the earth, at the end of time,
to take us to be with him forever !

If you would like to know more about the Christian faith,
then we would love you to
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