Ian Ottaway
Worship Team Co-ordinator

  Our desire is for corporate worship at Bookham Baptist Church to be

 Christ Centred ~ Bringing Glory to God the Father
Empowered by the Holy Spirit ~ Rich in Scripture and Prayer
Building Community ~ Interceding for the World
Encouraging Participation ~ Releasing gifts


 We do not want to be fixed about forms of worship, allowing for a wide range of expressions, yet see the following as key elements in Worship: 

Word and Sacrament - Praise and Thanksgiving – including the sharing of stories for encouragement - Awe & Intimacy – including confession, shared silence,
enjoying the presence of God - 
 Listening to God and responding…

 Opportunities to share… Intercession and Prayer ministry

Not every service will contain all of these elements or give equal space
to each one. 

Our 9am services usually have a more 'traditional' feel, accompanied by a meeting leader and small group of musicians.
At the 11am and 6pm services t
here is usually a band, which is led by
a worship leader, who is responsible for leading the congregation.
Worship in the church is headed up by Ian Ottaway.

 Worship leaders 

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Tel: 01372 811 313